No setup fees. Free and safe storage of your cryptocurrency as cold storage on hardware wallets.

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No transaction fees. Send cryptocurrency to anyone for free just by entering an email.

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No transaction delays. Receive cryptocurrency instantly over a secure network.

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No exchange fees. Convert from one cryptocurrency to another for free.

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Run your life on crypto

We aim to make your life run on cryptocurrency. We see the immense potential to change people’s lives for the better. From security to convenience, we make it possible to run your life on cryptocurrency.



We store your cryptocurrency safely to prevent digital theft and malicious attacks.


Sending cryptocurrency is getting expensive. With Blockbasis users can send for free and instantly.


It is easy, free and instant to receive cryptocurrency from other users on Blockbasis.


Deposit to send and receive cryptocurrency to any Blockbasis user anywhere in the world.


Withdraw cryptocurrency to any other wallet or exchange of your preference.


Swap your cryptocurrency at market rates on a decentralised exchange.

All the support you need

We are on a mission to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. Many are uncertain about the new opportunities crypto has to offer, naturally generating many questions. We have tried to cover all of these questions in our support section, as well as, on the chat located in the bottom right. Ask away!    

Don't take our word for it...

“I was completely green to cryptocurrency and wanted to get into especially Bitcoin. With the support chat of Blockbasis it was easy to get started and store my cryptocurrency safely. Not to mention free! Now I can go to bed every night knowing my crypto will be right where I left them!”



“I had a friend who didn’t take the necessary security precautions and lost all his cryptocurrency because he was storing it digitally. One day, with no trace to follow, all the Ether he owned was gone. That’s why I moved all my coins to Blockbasis, to avoid the same from happening to me.”



“I’ve always been amazed at how slow and cumbersome ordinary banks are. This made me interested in crypto, especially how fast and cheap it was to send and receive. However, public and private keys are complicated, so Blockbasis was the perfect solution for me using emails to make my crypto transactions.”



Best Clients

Our Community

Join one of the largest and most active cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. Learning from others, the questions and problems they face usually spurs new question you didn't know you had.