How It Works

No setup fees.

For cryptocurrencies to become mainstream, it is key to provide the masses with safe, reliable and free storage of cryptocurrencies. When depositing to Blockbasis, we store 100% of all cryptocurrency decentralised to prevent any hackers to access cryptocurrency stored with Blockbasis. Access to the decentralised wallets are protected with the highest level of security with no single remote access and distributed across multiple locations. In other words, there is no central point of entry to access our users cryptocurrency, and the distributed points of entry are protected with the highest level of security.

No transaction fees.

Most countries in the world experience high transaction fees on fiat currencies both for domestic and international transfers. The blockchain is able to fix that with a public ledger system, where no central banks or intermediaries takes a cut of the transaction. Instead, mining fees are charged to power the blockchain network that enables cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others to run. This is why when transferring to and from the Blockbasis network, the blockchain will charge a fee automatically. However, when transferring between Blockbasis accounts, we have worked hard to ensure that users are not charged a transaction fee. Just put the email of the person you want to send cryptocurrency to, and the payment will be made instantly, without any transaction fee.

No transaction delays.

In your daily life, when delivering a service or product, you do not want to wait to receive the money for your delivery. As cryptocurrencies get more and more popular, the transaction fee and transaction time are on the rise. Blockbasis circumvents this scaling problem by storing all cryptocurrency safely for its users, letting users transact between each other and receive cryptocurrency within seconds of sending to each other.

No exchange fees.

While a lot of cryptocurrencies are treated as a store value and investment option, it is often crucial to users that they can exchange and convert one cryptocurrency into another. Blockbasis enables easy and instant conversion from one cryptocurrency to another, to insure that users can send and receive their preferred cryptocurrency to each other.