How does transferring cryptocurrencies work on Blockbasis?

On Blockbasis, it’s easy to transfer and receive crypto and it’s completely free

Transferring cryptocurrencies with Blockbasis
Blockbasis aims to make cryptocurrency transactions as easy as possible. The Blockbasis team has worked hard to ensure that users can send cryptocurrencies by simply using email addresses rather than long cryptographic public keys. For example, let’s imagine that Alice wants to send some crypto to Bob to cover for the unexpected costs of their vacation trip. Most cryptocurrency wallet addresses are long and confusing, thus, increasing the margin for possible errors, when transfers are made. Moreover, most cryptocurrency transfers require a transaction fee charged by the miners in order to keep the network alive and running.
If Alice and Bob have a Blockbasis account, Alice can transfer crypto to Bob by inserting the email associated with Bob’s Blockbasis account. Thus, making the crypto world more user friendly.
Moreover, Blockbasis has ensured that transfer within the Blockbasis community are completely free of charge. In addition to the free and easy to use interface, Blockbasis also provides its users with instantaneous transactions.
In summary, Blockbasis makes crypto transactions easier, faster and cheaper.