BlockbasisGeneral Q&A

Why store crypto on Blockbasis?

Cryptocurrencies are developing rapidly. The constant growth of different digital currencies is constantly increasing public interest in them. Both institutional and retail investors are increasingly investing in cryptocurrency.

Do you have cryptocurrencies stored on an exchange? Maybe that’s not such a good idea. In 2013, Mt. Gox – one of the biggest exchanges at the time – crashed. Consequently, millions of crypto-coins vanished off the exchange and none of the users were able to obtain the private keys needed to access their funds. Thus, leaving millions of users unable to get their coins back.

But, do not worry, with Blockbasis, anyone can store their cryptocurrencies safely for free.

Blockbasis believes that for cryptocurrencies to go mainstream, it is integral to provide the masses with a safe, reliable and free service that stores cryptocurrencies.

When depositing to Blockbasis, your cryptocurrencies will be stored in an offline wallet (cold storage) in order to prevent any hackers from accessing your funds. The hardware wallets used by Blockbasis are protected with the highest level of security with no remote access and distributed across multiple locations.

Blockbasis provides a complete solution that is time effective, cost-effective and headache free for your fund.