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Why Blockbasis chose NOT to have email and password login

It’s ironic, for quite some long time, Blockbasis relied heavily on email and password login.

However, being a DiFi platform that allows users to hold their own passphrase—using that every time they need to make a transaction—we noticed that more and more users got confused their password for their passphrase. The two are very different however, and became the root cause for a lot of frustration from our users. To nail down the key distinction between the two:

  • Password: A string of characters chosen by the user, which can be changed at any time or recovered simply by requesting a new password under the “forgot password” option
  • Passphrase: A 12-word phrase that is provided to the user and cannot be changed as it is written into the blockchain. If lost, all funds would be lost as well, there is no “forgot password” option.

This lead us to fundamentally change our login flow. To take a look back in time, not long ago our login screen looked like this:

Which has now been replaced with a login screen that looks like this:

blockbasis new login screen

In other words, we have scrapped the option to login with email and password, in order avoid any confusion from our users between the password and their passphrase!