We listened, so we added a DEX – Decentralised Exchange

There has been a craze around crypto recently leaving many to dive into trading and exchanging different cryptocurrencies. While Blockbasis sees cryptocurrency as an alternative to fiat currency and the existing financial system that presents a viable way to transfer value for payments of goods and services, we understand that cryptocurrency is still at the early stage of this revolution.

We originally set out to allow users to transfer cryptocurrency from one user to another instantly and for free, similar to the way PayPal allows users to transfer digital fiat currency. The number one feedback from our loyal users was to allow trading, so users not only could transfer crypto for free, but also exchange their coins in real time. This is why we introduced a decentralised exchange on Blockbasis using Bitshares’ well-documented and open-source DEX, not a centralised exchange.

With a decentralised trading feature added, users will have access to a greater variety of coins and will be able to exchange coins instantaneously on the DEX. As always, we welcome feedback so we can continue to make improvements for our users.