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How to transfer cryptocurrencies on Blockbasis with just an email?

Making cryptocurrency transactions has never been easier by using Blockbasis. Our team has worked hard to ensure that Blockbasis users can send and receive cryptocurrencies by simply using email addresses rather than long complicated public keys.

For example, let’s imagine that Alice wants to send some crypto to Bob to cover for the unexpected costs of their vacation trip. Most cryptocurrency wallet addresses are long and confusing, thus, increasing time spend and errors expected when transfers are made. Moreover, most cryptocurrency transfers require large network fees charged by miners in order to keep the network running.

If Alice and Bob have a Blockbasis account, Alice can transfer crypto just by inserting Bob’s email. Thus, making the crypto world more user-friendly! Moreover, Blockbasis has ensured that transfers within the Blockbasis ecosystem is efficient and hence low cost. In addition to the easy to use interface, Blockbasis also provides its users with instantaneous transactions avoiding long transaction delays.

Here is a step-by-step guide for transferring cryptocurrencies on Blockbasis

1. Set-up an account with Blockbasis

2. Sign In to your Blockbasis account

3. Go to ”Transfer” on the top left

4. Enter the Recipient e-mail

5. Enter the amount to transfer

6. Select the currency abbreviation to transfer

7. Click on ” Send”