We listened, so we added email login

You asked, we listened!
Blockbasis wants to make blockchain and cryptocurrency available for the masses and easy to use. Facebook is a common tool for connecting and communicating, which is also why we decided from the beginning to implement our login and customer service features on top of a familiar service, like Facebook.
Shortly after launching, it became clear that the number one feature the growing Blockbasis user base requested was logging in with email instead of Facebook.
As a consequence, we have now added the option for logging into your Blockbasis account using an email address and password. The Facebook login remains for users who prefer to login with their Facebook profile.
With the growing concern about privacy and the right to be forgotten, regardless if you sign up on Blockbasis with your email account or Facebook, one thing is sure.. the only information we store at Blockbasis is your email address in order to facilitate transactions between users.
For more information, visit “Why do I login with Facebook or email?”