The Email Platform for All Digital Currencies

Over the last two years, an obscure technology once associated only with the virtual currency Bitcoin, has become one of the most important technologies under development today. No longer known only as the technology on which Bitcoin was built, it has either been deployed or is under active development in virtually every industry. Financial services, healthcare, energy, capital markets, and many other industries are seeing legacy technology being challenged this new distributed ledger technology known as blockchain-based solutions. 

Blockchain has also exploded in terms of its geographic impact. Once a novelty that was only familiar to people in a handful of countries, the technology is now relevant to the global economy. In some countries, like Venezuela, cryptocurrency has taken a prominent role in the day-to-day lives of ordinary citizens. However, there are also many challenges with cryptocurrency and blockchain, where third-party services that are intuitive and easy for the average person to use.

Introducing Blockbasis

In order to make cryptos available to the masses, Blockbasis was created, and all you need is just need an email address or a Google account to sign up. Then you have an optimal solution to manage cryptos

Transfer your coins

It’s time to say goodbye to long and complicated addresses called private and public keys like:

Blockbasis helps you send and receive cryptos without any transaction fees and just by using an email address. There is no transaction delays, you can send and receive your digital money instantly over a secure network.

Exchange your coins

On Blockbasis , you can convert one currency into another at no exchange fees and swap your digital currency at market rates on a decentralised exchange (DEX) that is transparent.

And you can track all your trades on the Bitshares network using the Graphene blockchain.

Deposit & withdraw

You don’t need to pay any setup fee on Blockbasis. Your coins are free and safe storage as cold storage on hardware wallets.

Then you can deposit your coins to send and receive digital money to any Blockbasis user anywhere in the world or with draw them to any other wallet or exchange of your preference.

Blockbasis on Bitshares’ Graphene blockchain 

In addition, all transactions are processed on Bitshares’ Graphene blockchain, which has been running since 2015 and verified millions of transactions and trades in the past. With Bitshares, and the corresponding BitAssets issued, anything really can be sent, received and exchanged on the Graphene blockchain.

That is, regardless if you want to transact with fiat currencies, stocks, commodities or other types of asset classes, they can all be serviced on the Bitshares Graphene blockchain! This is a massive benefit compared to dealing with a long list of isolated blockchains, ultimately improving the user experience.

And thanks to Graphene, Blockbasis is built on a super fast blockchain, therefore, transactions get written to the blockchain within 3 seconds, and on average in under 1.5 seconds. Moreover, the fee is much much lower than the ones from other blockchains.

Beyond the Graphene blockchain, BitShares offers an optimal platform for not only the BTS (core token) but also all digital currencies. Hence, providing a service like Blockbasis the flexibility needed to transact and exchange virtually anything where there is a buyer and seller.

Blockbasis will offer interest on deposits

As mentioned above, Blockbasis will offer safe storage of cryptocurrency. However, storage of these assets will not just sit idle and do nothing, they will work for you!

When you deposit, the deposit is stored with a partner that specializes in generating a return on cryptocurrency deposits. Because of this setup, Blockbasis can offer a 2% interest rate on all deposits without a lock-in period or restrictions on any deposits.


For all of the interest, popularity and media attention, many—including lawyers—struggle to understand the underpinnings of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and its implications for policymakers and other officials.

This difficulty is compounded by the extraordinarily broad application of the technology across numerous industries. Certain implementations of the technology look very little like others. Some seek to supplement or replace traditional fiat currencies, while others have no native cryptocurrency at all. Some are accessible by anyone with a computer or smartphone, while others are only accessible by those having credentials.

Blockbasis fills the large gap in the cryptocurrency space with an all-in-one email platform, where you can forget all about the concerns regarding to your digital currencies, and use conventional tools like email to store, send, receive and exchange your coins.